Monday, April 15, 2013

Darth Vader Birthday Cake

I made an awesome cake this weekend for my brother's birthday. He may be 25 year old this year but Star Wars is still a hit. Lol!
He requested a Darth Vader cake, and because I am not skilled with carving cakes, I went to my bake shop and bought a shaped pan in the shape of Vader's helmet. Much easier for me and it probably looks better anyway. Hahaha!
Because of all the grooves I was so terrified that the cake would stick and fall apart, but thanks to liberally greasing it, we didn't have a problem at all! It slid right out! :) I was SO excited! Haha!

I placed it on my cake board and started working. I piped the insides of the eyes and helmet first and all of the outlines.

After I got that looking right, I started filling it in with stars.

And...oh my took a lot of stars to fill it all in. But it was worth every minute of it!
It looked WONDERFUL!!!

I also made some cupcakes out of the left over batter and frosting. Of course they had to be topped with black frosting and red sprinkles to match the cake.